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29 Dec Voyeurism, the more scientific term, is loosely defined as spying on which is more common in men than women, requires “recurrent and. 2 Apr RIYADH: Saudi Arabia on Monday announced “spying” on your spouse's phone is now a Saudi Arabia hosts first marathon for women. 3 Nov A growing number of women in Port Lincoln, South Australia, have reported being woken at night by a drone spying on them in their homes. Two of the victims no longer shower at night for fear of the drone capturing them while naked. In May this year, a Sydney woman reported having. spying women SANDRA C. TAYLOR Women who fought the Americans and the South Vietnamese in But in modem times the most famous female spy is probably Mata Hari. 7 Apr Concerns have been raised about drones with cameras spying on women and following them as they walk down the street. 31 Jan A woman has disclosed how she has discovered after 40 years that she was deceived into a sexual relationship by a police spy. The woman.

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