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6 Dec Indonesia's selfie-snapping monkey named 'Person of the Year' After the monkey's selfie went viral, animal rights group Peta filed a suit in. 30 Mar In fact, they proclaim themselves as a wisata selfie (selfie tourism) destination, Google “wisata selfie” and you will find numerous Indonesian. 13 Nov A museum in Indonesia displayed a waxwork figure of Adolf Hitler standing against a mock up of the gates of the Auschwitz concentration camp. selfie indonesia

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Most of our visitors are having fun because they know this is just an entertainment museum. For instance, Kalibiru Tourism Village near Yogyakarta redesigned their zip-lines and treetop platforms into a fully fledged moms pinay destination. Indonesia-tourism, bandung, selfie, tourism, social-media, plagiarism, rabbit-town. 6 Dec Indonesia's selfie-snapping monkey named 'Person of the Year' "Naruto's historic selfie challenged the idea of who is a person and who is. 13 Nov Indonesia museum removes 'Hitler selfie' display after protests. The museum in Yogyakarta initially said the waxwork of the Nazi dictator in. 18 Dec A group of friends were gathered to take a selfie using a selfie stick near a set of train tracks in Indonesia. At the moment of the photo snap.

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