Down's Syndrome Association: You are Human

Front cover of You are Human

In 2008 our Awareness Week focussed on human rights and empowering parents and carers to use human rights principles to obtain better services from their local councils. We know that services for people with learning disabilities are being cut nationwide, but many councils aren't aware that they are breaching human rights principles in making cuts. This is why we have produced a booklet called You Are Human that explains in simple terms how people can really make a difference...

Mind's Policy Statement and Legal Briefing on the Human Rights Act


Mind believes the Human Rights Act is a vital tool to safeguard these basic rights, particularly in relation to preventing abuse, guaranteeing equal access to justice, and ensuring healthcare is appropriate and proportionate.

Find out more about Mind's policy position on the Human Rights Act here, including an article for Liberty's recent newsletter on mental health and human...

More case studies

Front cover of BIHR's The Human Rights Act: Changing Lives (2008, 2nd edition)

Further case studies about how the Human Rights Act has been used by individuals to challenge the way they are treated and to improve outcomes in public services read BIHR's The Human Rights Act: Changing Lives (2008, 2nd edition)